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There is Always a Better Way

We often get lulled into thinking we are doing everything to the best of our abilities or in the most efficient manner possible. The truth is – “There is always a better way” to do everything. This should be part of our quest – to continue to improve and seek out that elusive “Better way.”

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The Digital Age of Retail

The Digital Age of Retail is upon us, and the evolution of digital channels has revolutionized the way people shop today. Customers are shopping across all channels and are expecting a seamless experience; most retailers are responding accordingly and prioritizing digitization and increasing their digital investments.

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Everything you needed to know about sustainability of retail processes, programs or initiatives you learned as a freshman retailer in “Retail 101”. Then a few years working in the industry

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Big Data, Big Deal

Everywhere we go, it’s there. Big data. In some form or another. And in every business sector it’s there. Let’s add machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, omnichannel,

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Out of stocks in the Fresh Departments – Solving the last 100 feet

Much has been written on the negative impact of out of stocks on the retailer; solutions range from complex technology solutions to a collaboration of retailers and their suppliers. Out of stock conditions continue to plague retailers and we have seen it remain at a consistent eight percent, and climb to ten percent for p

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