Selling Effectiveness

Increasing conversion is less expensive than new customer acquisition

Increasing conversion is easier than increasing transaction size


Effective selling programs can do both - learn how

Selling Effectiveness - tSCG can help

Retail growth today is about more than simply hitting a sales number. It depends on providing a differentiated and consistent customer experience across all retail channels.  tSCG provides a total retail selling effectiveness solution that effectively transforms associate behaviors to gather customer information and shopping preferences thereby helping to increase revenues and drive loyalty.  Benefits have included:


  • Sales increases greater than 5% due to enhanced customer experience, cross-selling, and up-selling
  • 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • Greater associate morale and job satisfaction
Enhance Recruitment Strategy

  • Is your organization recruiting the right talent?
  • Are both internal and external sources being considered?
  • Do you have an established talent pool ready?

Create a Selling Program

  • Develop a selling program that is unique and branded to your organization
  • Work with selling associates to determine what works with your company’s culture
  • Test the program in a model store and learning centers and compare results to control stores
  • Determine the new right way for your organization

Determine Metrics

  • Work with organization to determine if individual or team-based metrics will be calculated
  • Establish baseline, short term and long term goals
  • Analyze space to sales to propose display charges
  • Determine the source for gathering information
      1. Data warehouse for KPI’s such as transaction value, department conversion, basket size, total sales, department sales
      2. Leverage Traffic Data if available
      3. Customer satisfaction scores
      4. Mystery shopping program

Develop Recognition Program

  • Create formal recognition program for top performers – by department/store/district/company
  • Determine/structure compensated bonuses, prizes, etc
  • Formalize/initiate verbal recognition and praise
  • Leverage informal programs to improve moral and generate positive competition

Enable Compliance

  • Collaborate with HR and Operations to certify “right behaviors” and monitor proactive selling as an SOP

Establish Sustainability

What does it take to change the culture?  tSCG will work with your organization to transition from a project to the way your organization does business.

  • Create clearly defined expectations of associate behavior
  • Tie behavior to performance reviews and appraisal process
  • Determine if/how salary adjustments will be incorporated with selling effectiveness
  • Create Selling Certification process to reinforce program throughout the year
  • Structure span of control to allow managers to ‘manage’ behavior


Using a blended team of consultants and client resources we work with our client organizations to train and build the required expertise to both achieve and sustain results. Leveraging our team’s prior experience with all channels of retail, we will bring fresh ideas to the table on how to run the business rather than suggest different ways of doing the same thing or reworking internal analyses.


With a broad exposure to technology solutions, we recommend and implement only the tools that work. We are not vested with any particular solutions or vendor packages.

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