There is Always a Better Way

We often get lulled into thinking we are doing everything to the best of our abilities or in the most efficient manner possible. The truth is – “There is always a better way” to do everything. This should be part of our quest – to continue to improve and seek out that elusive “Better way.”

Colin Powell once said – “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” It is through failure and success that we gain insight into the better way. If we continue to strive to improve on both we will gain access to better ways of doing everything.

Workforce Management allows us to look at “better ways” to do all of our tasks. Whether it be a new method, a piece of equipment or a great idea – all will lead to process improvement and improved efficiency.

The Stores Consulting Group believes that all activities conducted in an area of focus are important to scrutinize for better ways to accomplish them. We begin with how you are conducting the activities today, how the work is currently being performed. We then look for improvements in the methods through detailed analysis of the movements, the placement of equipment, and the anticipated outcome of the activity. By simplifying, reducing or eliminating activities we can assist organizations in their efforts to become more efficient.

tSCG has a proven methodology that allows us to look at all activities, their frequency and their interdependence on all activities performed. Through continually questioning the “WHY” we do something and the “HOW” we do it, we able to continue to sharpen the focus.

Traditionally we see a 5-10% improvement in efficiency by questioning the processes and redesigning the methods that make up the processes. Anytime we shine a light on an activity we see it clearer and can offer alternative, more productive outcomes.


We often work with organizations that are using Reasonable Expectancies or Engineered Standards but are not evaluating hours using an Activity-Based Costing methodology.  The ABC methodology provides insight to true cost and helps identify the initial area of focus to yield the largest returns.  Additionally, it allows the organization to evaluate the true contribution to margin for specific items.  To start, retailers should begin focusing on the 5-10% of activities that drive the most labor in the operation.  Going forward, we recommend that retailers get on a Continuous Improvement program that focuses on a percentage of total activities each year. This enables the operation to keep their eye on the prize and pencils sharp and fosters an environment of constantly getting better.


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