Lunds & Byerlys is filled with family traditions and values that can be traced back three generations. Our reputation of providing superior customer service and high-quality products can be contributed to the standards set by its founder, Russell T. Lund.

With an evident work ethic, Lund began his grocery career in 1922 at Hoves, a small corner grocery store located on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. Within three months, he became a full-time employee and a 10 percent partner in the cheese and cracker department. An entrepreneur by nature, Lund experimented with pre-popped and packaged popcorn to sell in Hoves’ cracker department. A short time later, Lund turned his experiment into a profitable business called the Red E Popt Popcorn Company and established the guarantee of customer satisfaction with the promise to “cheerfully refund your money.”

In 1939, Lund partnered with his former employers, becoming a full-partner in the Hoves’ perishable department. Using profits from his popcorn business, Lund opened a new grocery store on Lake Street under the Hove name, which was one of the first self-service grocery stores in the area. Three years later, he opened another store in Edina on 50th Street and France Avenue. The Hoves stores’ lease expired in February 1964 and soon, Hoves grocery stores were renamed Lunds.


Today, Lund Food Holdings, Inc. continues to grow under the guidance of its CEO, Russell T. Lund III (Tres), grandson of founder Russell T. Lund. In April 1997, Lunds acquired a local friendly competitor called Byerly’s Inc., which was founded by Don Byerly in 1968. The marriage of the two companies is considered an industry success story as both entities maintained separate identities under one parent umbrella while successfully combining their service-oriented philosophies. In 2015, the separate “Lunds” and “Byerly’s” store brands were combined under one unified name: Lunds & Byerlys.

“We want to offer our customers sensational shopping experiences each time they visit any one of our stores,” says Tres Lund. “Lunds & Byerlys will continue its tradition of being dedicated to quality and service as well as innovation and growth.”

We have many Lunds & Byerlys stores throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding area.