Convenience Store Transformation

In order to meet the new market and needs of the customer you may need to look at your business in a totally new way


Ranging from store operations, product offerings and supply chain  to management, hiring, retention and IT

tSCG understands the business to assist you through changing your model and approach


Business Evaluation


Strategic Planning


Subject Matter Experts

Store Operations


Store Managers thinking and acting like business owner’s versus task managers

Simplified store operations so managers can focus on your customers

As the business gets more complicated how do you change the operations to match the need while increasing profitability

Shrink and Profit Management


tSCG takes a holistic approach to shrink and profit recovery focusing on sales growth, non-customer facing waste, and all areas of loss

We work with our clients to develop a strategic roadmap with short-term tactical initiatives and a long-term plan to achieve their goals

Fresh Production and Made to Order


The amount of fresh prepackaged and made to order food is a significant strategic direction for leading C Store Operators —  Driving 15% to 30% of total inside the store sales with margins of 50% plus

Success requires a level of expertise and technology to be able to deliver in a more highly complex business model; tSCG knows how to get you there

Workforce Management


Your organization has an opportunity to improve the management of its largest controllable expense – Labor

Improvements should be approached in a manner to increase sales while reducing overhead

Selling Effectiveness


Selling effectiveness for a Convenience Store?

Be in stock and just ring a customer out fast, that’s all you need to do, right?  Wrong

It is more than just a fast check out. We have seen sales increases of 10% to 15% or more by implementing a simple but comprehensive customer service program

Manager Effectiveness


Store Managers are the “eyes and ears” of the operation. They are often the difference between profit and loss on a store-by-store basis

Retailers want to increase sales, but how often do you examine your own store management practices?

tSCG can help your managers reach their full potential



Integrated technology that fits your business needs is the secret to success

Leading edge technology that better serves your customers and employees is the path that the best operators are applying to distinguish themselves in the market.

tSCG understands how to manage through the business requirements and selection process.  Our team has a deep understanding of the best available technology solutions and understand hows to maximize your current systems

The Convenience Store industry is going through significant changes as retailers look for ways to drive more customers into the store from the gas pumps. Expanded food offerings, adding kitchens to provide made to order meals, delivery options and all the operational and technology changes  to support this new world. tSCG understands where the industry is going and how to get there.

Store Operations – Task simplification and standardization

Shrink and Profit Management – Maximizing sales and reducing waste across.  Focusing on Fresh and Total Store operations, including DSD

Fresh and Made to Order Management – Leveraging in-store production planning to make the right product at the right time.  A key enabler to controlling shrink and maximizing sales

Workforce Management – Defining labor needs, enabling an effective schedule and creating metrics to better manage the business

Selling Effectiveness – Creating a selling environment

Management Effectiveness – Empowering your management team and providing the tools to make them effective

Technology – From selection to implementation, tSCG can help right-size the solution and maximize potential of existing applications


Using a blended team of consultants and client resources we work with our client organizations to train and build the required expertise to both achieve and sustain results. Leveraging our team’s prior experience with all channels of retail, we will bring fresh ideas to the table on how to run the business rather than suggest different ways of doing the same thing or reworking internal analyses.


With a broad exposure to technology solutions, we recommend and implement only the tools that work. We are not vested with any particular solutions or vendor packages.

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