Who is tSCG?

The Stores Consulting Group (tSCG) is a team comprised of veteran retail professionals and tech-savvy analysts who bring real experience to the client.  The people at tSCG is what sets us apart from the industry.  Our focus is to provide value to our clients that exceeds their expectations.  We provide best in class industry expertise without the added cost of a large consulting firm.  We’ve worked with over 50 retailers since we started in 2009, and more than half have engaged with us on multiple projects.  This is what has people asking, “Who are these guys?”

Rick Marino and Jim Sweeney are the founders and Managing Directors of the firm; they bring their experience from industry and as partners at Accenture and Capgemini prior to forming tSCG.  Both Rick and Jim are recognized as thought leaders in the industry but more importantly, they were able to bring together a second-to-none leadership team with over 100 years of combined retail experience.  Our 6-member director team each brings their unique expertise to create a well-rounded knowledge bank.  Our directors have all held leadership positions in the retail industry and with top consulting firms prior to joining tSCG.

The delivery team is the heart of our organization.  The consulting staff is a balance of experience and innovation, and of time-proven solutions and technology.  We are a close-knit team that can challenge each other and our client partners to achieve more.  We are a team built on relationships; internally and with our clients.  This is what allows us to work together and implement sustainable results; this is the tSCG difference.