Shrink and Profit Recovery

tSCG takes a holistic approach to shrink and profit recovery focusing on sales growth, non-customer facing waste, and all areas of loss. We work with our clients to develop a strategic roadmap with short term tactical initiatives and a long term plan to achieve their goals.


Our clients typically achieve an 85-120 basis point improvement in overall shrink, this does not include projected increases to net margin improvements by sales growth.

Retail shrink loss cost retailers $95 billion in 2021.  

More than 65% of this loss was due to employee and customer theft.

Many retailers reported that not only was ORC theft increasing, it was becoming more violent



Understand current-state and valuate opportunties



Create, validate and roll out holistic shrink program




Ensure transfer of knowledge and future sustainability


ORC is on the Rise

Build your ORC prevention strategies with the leaders in the field

Our holistic approach includes:

Effective shrink measurements and analytics

Development and implementation of awareness programs

Detailed testing and analysis of the accuracy of the book inventory

Implementation of predictive analysis models

Implementation of compliance tracking and modeling

Technology selection and implementation

Implementation of production planning and contribution to overhead models



Our team leverages broad industry experience:

Over 100 projects with 75 different retailers

Developed Shrink Programs that have generated over $5 billion in profits

Our team comes with real world experience including: past executives at key retailers and partners at large consulting firms

Our Organized Retail Crime team is lead by Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Dansak who pioneered the ORC program for one of the nations largest retailers





Using a blended team of consultants and client resources we work with our client organizations to train and build the required expertise to both achieve and sustain results. Leveraging our team’s prior experience with all channels of retail, we will bring fresh ideas to the table on how to run the business rather than suggest different ways of doing the same thing or reworking internal analyses.


With a broad exposure to technology solutions, we recommend and implement only the tools that work. We are not vested with any particular solutions or vendor packages.

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