Manager Effectiveness

Your Store Managers are the “eyes and ears” of your operation. They are often the difference between profit and loss on a store by store basis. Retailers want to increase sales, but how often do you examine your own store management practices?  tSCG can help your managers reach their full potential.


Benefits have included:

Improving sales by 1% to 5% through greater performance and productivity

Enhancing associate engagement and improving retention

Management Effectiveness is a key factor in improving associate productivity and driving sales.  tSCG provides solutions for the store management team to properly manage their time and their associates and to develop a balance between management objectives and the daily tasks thrown their way.


  • Do you know how your managers are currently utilizing their time?
  • Are your managers tasking more than 20% of their work week?
  • Is your team inundated with corporate requests?
  • Do your managers have the training and tools they need to be successful?
  • Do your managers have mentors?
  • Are your managers trained and knowledgeable with the “soft skills” of management?
  • Solutions are only as good as the people that execute those solutions


  • Reorganization of store and corporate support structure
  • Creating functional schedules
  • Implementing Gatekeeper programs
  • Developing the manager’s toolkit
  • Creating a Store Management Council
  • Establish store walks


  • Scorecarding and senior leadership review checklists
  • 360 degree review processes
  • Mentorship program
  • Continuing education
  • Hiring practices and promotion criteria
  • Onboarding and promotion training programs
  • Design new career pathways


Using a blended team of consultants and client resources we work with our client organizations to train and build the required expertise to both achieve and sustain results. Leveraging our team’s prior experience with all channels of retail, we will bring fresh ideas to the table on how to run the business rather than suggest different ways of doing the same thing or reworking internal analyses.


With a broad exposure to technology solutions, we recommend and implement only the tools that work. We are not vested with any particular solutions or vendor packages.

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