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Our mission is to deliver more value for less cost than our competitors. We have generated $12 Billion in profits for our clients...we are still counting.

Our History

Rick Marino and Jim Sweeney have been helping companies realize their profit potential for over 25 years; over $12 Billion of real, measurable benefits.  With deep experience in industry and as partners in large consulting firms, the pair decided to leverage their experience and relationships to create the Stores Consulting Group in 2010.  The next 12 years have been an exciting ride as the company quickly grew to 40+ clients and a full team of industry professionals.   The team maintains the vision to deliver more value at less cost than the competition.

Our Approach

Combining a rapid diagnostic approach with a proven implementation methodology, the Stores Consulting Group can achieve real value much faster than strategy companies that tend to study a problem more than they work to solve it. Using a blended team of consultants and client resources, we work with our client organizations to train and build the required expertise to both achieve and sustain results. Leveraging our team’s prior experience with all channels of retail, we will bring fresh ideas to the table on how to run the business rather than suggest different ways of doing the same thing or reworking internal analyses. With a broad exposure to technology solutions, we recommend and implement only the tools that work because we are not vested with any particular solutions or vendor packages. With the Stores Consulting Group, you get all the best of a big services firm without all of the noise and excessive costs.

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