Trained people make the difference

You have hired that new associate, onboarding is complete and now that new hire is sent to work with a “trained “team member for his first shift. That new hire comes in for his next shift and is told to stock a cart of product and told “you’ll get the hang of it”.  We then wonder why that new clerk leaves in two weeks frustrated and confused.

That scenario plays out again and again in retail and we have turnover rates averaging 65%. How many programs have come and gone and never really got the results you had expected. Why didn’t they achieve the traction to make a noticeable impact on your business?

The answer Training

Training is one of the key reasons that a program fails.

Training of associates is also one of the keys to associate retention. With the average cost of a new associate around $2,000 it is essential that associates are well trained.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”- Derek Bok

Upon the completion of your rigorous assessment of your business we develop detailed solution sheets to address the opportunities in your business

Each of our programs contain a proven approach that includes the following:

  • Description (What is the solution)
  • Materials (What is required to support the solution)
  • Benefits (What can we expect to achieve)
  • Accountability (Who has ownership of the solution)
  • Store Implementation Steps (What needs to happen and when)
  • Store Maintenance Steps (What needs to be in place to sustain)
  • Benefits Measurements (What is the goal)

We couple that with a structured touchpoint process that is sequentially planned to ensure a successful implementation. We also custom tailor all of our offerings to the needs of your business. Unlike some companies, we are also there every step of the way with proven industry experts who guide you through the process. Here at the Stores Consulting Group we believe that our people make a difference too!