Founded in 1984, America’s Thrift Stores is a for-profit company that supports Christian ministries. A significant portion of their net profits are donated to local, regional, national and international family-centered ministries and charities. This funding enables these organizations to carry out their charitable works. America’s Thrift Stores pays federal, state and local taxes and receives no government funding. They provide over 1,000 jobs.


America’s Thrift Stores relies on the generous donations of the local community, to collect used clothing and household items. They resell those items back to the community and share the profits with local Christian-based charities, providing vital funding to help serve needy families and individuals in the community. Those donations empower these ministries in their ongoing efforts to strengthen families, improve lives affected by substance abuse, and teach others about the love of Christ.

America’s Thrift Stores has 17 stores throughout Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.



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